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Why choose integralink for your network integration?

integralink communications provides an outsourced solution for hosting, connecting and servicing e-commerce applications. The central premise behind integralinks' business model is that demand for data networks is growing dramatically and, at the same time, network management is becoming significantly more complex. integralink communications provide an integrated set of services that deliver a powerful combination scalability, reliability and cost savings for mission-critical data applications.

  Network access and system availability are the lifeblood of e-business. At the same time, access, network management, monitoring and network security are becoming significantly more complex.

  integralink communications provides a variety of world-class services for e-commerce and other Web-based businesses, from complex hosting to network management, network design, data backup and recovery to security. Our integrated set of services delivers a powerful combination of reliability, performance, scalability and uptime for mission-critical applications.

  If your equipment or network goes down, so does your bottom line. Every integralink service provides multiple levels of redundancy—with backup equipment and power supplies, around-the-clock monitoring, multiple carriers and network options.

  When your e-business resides with us, you're part of a technology community made up of state-of-the-art facilities and expert resources. Inflow manages every aspect of network access, including installation, configuration and maintenance of your connections—and our facilities are located close to you for easy access. You could build your own data center—if you had six to twelve months and several hundreds of thousands of dollars to invest. Or you can join an Inflow technology community and be up and running within 30 days with the expertise of a skilled technical team. We're here around-the-clock, providing complex web hosting and network management that helps you grow your e-business.

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