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Vulnerability Assessment

Protect Your Most Valuable Asset- Information

IntegraLink acknowledges that today's data-networks are more vulnerable than ever to attacks and understands that many organizations are finding out the hard way that hackers are usually the first to identify weak links in their information systems. Even organizations that have firewalls and other security solutions in place are finding these "holes" over time. That's why we are proud to provide the power of InterVent to combat hackers.

The hacker community will typically go through an intelligence gathering process before they try to execute an attack. A common method of gathering intelligence is a port scan. A port scan indicates which TCP and UDP ports are actively listening. The results of this scan will indicate which exploits, if any, to which your system is vulnerable.
Take a proactive posture towards your network security by performing a comprehensive scan using commercial tools and public-domain tools. InterVent can advise you of potential vulnerabilities and recommend corrective actions.
Understanding your strengths and weaknesses before they are exploited will help you protect your most valuable asset, information. InterVent offers several security assessments, which can be customized to meet your needs.
For more information on this service and how it can benefit your organization, please call toll-free (888) 451-4018 .

Our Oath- 'Not on our watch!'

How would you know if someone has compromised your database server or planted a Trojan on your e-mail system? InterVent, a pioneer in the Information Security Industry, has developed a reliable, scalable and proven service to monitor remote networks for intrusions or policy violations.

Through secure, encrypted communications, our engineers can remotely monitor your network 24-hours a day for unauthorized intruders or rogue employees. We watch for viruses, planted Trojans, or other system tampering before it causes real damage. We can even help you enforce policies such as minimum password lengths or report on dormant accounts. InterVent can notify you of these events in minutes rather than hours, days, or weeks. This service provides a cost effective alternative to hiring additional staff or paying for additional training.

Your actual data is never transmitted to our operations center nor do you have to grant us "access" to your systems. The hardware/software we place on your network will only send us alerts and never send any confidential data.

For more information on this service and how it can benefit your organization, please use the contact us form or call toll-free (888) 451-4018.

Digital Forensics

For civil or criminal proceedings, our digital forensic services will help you gather the solid evidence you need to successfully make your case.

Digital Forensics is a combination of science and technology used to solve a problem- usually a crime. As the incidence of computer crime grows, so does the need for digital evidence specialists to assist in collecting, compiling, and analyzing the evidence required to prosecute the individuals involved.

IntegraLink has developed a program to assist individuals, corporations, the legal industry, and law enforcement in identifying and, in some cases, restoring digital evidence.

There are three areas of Digital Forensics:

Computer Forensics :
  • Allows for the discovery or restoration of hidden, damaged, or deleted data on computer hardware or software. Information can be retrieved from hard disks, floppy disks, zip disks, CD-ROMs, or any other type of media used on a computer system. Information may also be retrieved from various operating systems including DOS, Windows 95/98/2000, Windows NT, Apple Macintosh, Novell NetWare and UNIX.
Network Forensics:
  • Traces electronic attacks or intrusions on data networks from the Internet or internal systems. This can be useful for back-tracing electronic attacks, finding the source of threatening e-mails, or identifying illegal activity on a data network.
Software Forensics :
  • Identifies the source of software code. This method is widely used in tracing the origin of computer viruses. It is possible to trace computer documents or source code to the computer of origin.

If you think you have a need for our digital forensic services, it is important you contact us immediately at (602) 467-8000 for a no-cost consultation.

To successfully use digital evidence in court, proper handling is critical. While we cannot provide legal advice, we can counsel you on how to preserve the digital evidence for your case. Internascent is also available to testify as an expert witness in civil and criminal trials. Please contact us for additional information.

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