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Increasing demands and constraints are placing stress upon Corporate IT staff and IS systems like never before. Business is moving quickly, and just keeping up with these demands can be difficult enough to manage, while data security lies at risk of compromise.

The functional possibility made available to us all by networked technology is amazing and endless. The availability of high speed internet has proliferated to the four corners of the earth, changing the geography of the planet in ways we thought were impossible just a few years ago. Is it likely your family/business/life can benefit from these advancements? Talk to us, let’s find out.

We have 25 years experience in digital automation. The monumental challenges of implementation have been overcome in recent years, The traditional protocols of voice/video/data are just the beginning of  the cornucopia of functionality that we have already used. Think of the internet as a global organism that can see, hear, actuate, measure, react, and determine the providence of your opportunities. It is an extension of your own nervous system.

Whether our clients include IT professionals, corporate executives, or small to medium business, a priority emphasis is upon leveraging technical advantage. Our goal is to educate the client in the possibilities, while at the same time, equipping them to respond to competitively as the need arises.

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embedded systems unit  complete      click here to see more...

uptime system is pleased to announce the launch of the embedded systems development unit. Full development capabilities on single board computers and handheld units, including ARM cross compiling, FPGA programming and design, package import and transfer - are now in the daily build schedule.
Web development           click here to see more...

Recent staff acquisitions now support expanded web development capabilities. Adobe tools expertise is now onboard, including Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver and Fireworks advancements, along with our traditional tools of C, C++, SQL, PHP,CSS and HTML
Offsite backup systems online         click here to see more...

The offsite backup unit is now complete and operational with 30,000 GB (30TB) of offsite storage available in our new Tier 3 data center Uptime clients may now benefit from large scale, secure and efficient offsite backups system approach. Call today for a quote.

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